Sales Teams Gone Wild

As I like to put it, I do not know of one sales person who gets up in the morning and says while lions gone wildlooking at her/himself in the mirror : ” Huh, I am going to try to do a real lousy job today”
Another angle to that thought is “Why do 100% commission models NOT work?”
After all, sales people are greedy (and most of them are “overpaid and lazy” as we all know it),  so the more deals they close, the more money they make, it’s that simple!  Motivation and performance are therefore easy to handle since we just need to tie their compensation money directly to their performance! hence the brilliance of the 100% commission model…which does NOT work in the long run because the problem is what do you do when they DON’T perform?…
For those of us who have been in sales long enough we know better
Sales is NOT an easy job (which is why 90% of the professionals are NOT in sales)
Sales is NOT a FAST way to make money (which is why it takes more than a year for a new sales person to become successful in any new company which is why they do NOT want to change companies easily)
Sales is a NOT OK experience because BUYING is also a NOT OK experience : on top of all the things you need to do to close a sale, you also have to handle the change that the purchasing decision will bring to the buyers and manage that change WITH THEM.
And If you don’t address the change issues early enough in the buying cycle, you will lose to your most FEROCIOUS competitor : “we are fine thank you”  (also called Mr Status Quo).

So in a nutshell :

  1. sales is an extremely difficult profession, and
  2. you have to be “nuts” to want to be in sales…
A consequence of this is that if you ever  become a sales manager you basically have to manage a “nuthouse”…
You need to develop extremely sharp leadership skills and you need to know what to manage for.
Oh, 1 more thing : Every sales person is unique and different and creates their own formula to their success (unconsciously it’s their sales process – consciously they think it’s their private “secret sauce”), so a “one size fits all” sales training usually does not work to impact their performance individually…
The good news is that
  1. Sales Management is also a PROCESS and if you learn it you can have a pretty good control over your cage – I call it the 1+1+1=4!® Process,
  2. Sales people DO produce something every day, it’s called sales productivity : you can measure it, analyze it, reverse-engineer it, coach to it and therefore improve it (see real time capturedemo of quantitative sales metrics by clicking on the “machine gun graphic” below)
So if you are lucky enough to manage a team of sales people, here’s a tip for you :
learn to use POWER rather than FORCE with them 
  1. FORCE makes them do what you want them to do (which does not work in the long run – “Nuts” people only do what THEY want to do, not what YOU want them to do) – If you only use force your sales teams are going to go WILD !…
  2. POWER enables them to create THEIR own success within YOUR structure (the 1+1+1=4!® structure with the right real time sales productivity metrics) and makes YOU become part of THEIR success !
May the POWER be with you….





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