SMALL BUSINESSES in HIGH GROWTH MODE are faced with the exact same challenges as any sales manager when it comes to leading their sales people to produce more faster.

The risk is slightly different for them (Small Business Owners rarely get eaten by their LIONS…) but the consequences of “poor lion taming” are actually WORSE  for a small business than for a F500 company – and I see this happen every day :

Small business owners are often LIONS themselves and they  KILL the other lion when they finally hire one, or their top LIONs leave them for better leaders who know how to do “Lion Taming” and the business owner ends up with B or C players…In this economy you can’t grow your sales with pussy cats, you need to attract more LIONS, you need to tame them the right way and you need to keep them happy (successful).

As a small business owner you also need to become a better LION TAMER  or you need to know how to develop one in your organization.


It’s one of the few times I want to read a business book again so soon after I finished it…I will keep it in my library forever” Tony Shannon, Managing Partner, Charlotte Techsupport

“Philippe’s book touches on many of the issues, challenges, and situations a small business owner, turned sales manager “over night” will encounter.
What I really like about it is that it is not a read and put on the shelf but more of a manual to assist”.Craig Dunn, CEO Carolina Office Solutions Charlotte

“The mistakes I made when I first managed sales people could all have been avoided. Then I made new mistakes when I promoted others to be sales managers. Where was this GREAT information when I needed it ???. Thank you for showing us the light! It’s the first time I go to a workshop like this twice in a row…Pierre Rattini – Risk Management Alliance, Charlotte