Did You Feed the Lions Today? November Newsletter

Lion headDid You Feed the Lions Today? November 2013 Newsletter

The journey IS the Destination

Forget to Plan & Plan to be Forgotten…

With 2014 hiding around the corner, the time for solid business planning has come again with most of my clients. As I learn better how to plan for myself and for my own business too, I am also learning the power of the planning process itself. Unfortunately they don’t teach you that in school. You have to learn it through experience. It took me half a century to figure it out…

The best way to explain the power of the planning process it is to look at your own life. What is your goal in life? What it your purpose? What do you want to have accomplished when you exit this world?

The answer is : Who cares?

Who cares how you end your life as long as you lived it fully and you made an impact. Like my father in law puts it very well but in a quite cynical way when looking at most people’s definition of success .

“The one who dies with the most toys wins”…
What actually matters is not the end of the journey but the journey itself. How do you make the journey the best journey it can be? How do you make it happen so that you fulfilled it the best you could for yourself and for those around you?

The answer is : It’s how you Planned it.

So here’s the paradox about goal setting and goal achieving :

Plans and goals are not so important because what really matters is not the destination but the journey itself

Because the journey IS the destination.

Now here’s the catch : without a good planning and goal setting process, you end up screwing up (excuse my French…) not only achieving the goals but most importantly damaging the journey…

It’s like saying that the WHAT does not matter, because you need to focus on the HOW.
But without a good WHAT (and a good thought out HOW to get to that WHAT) , you miss both the WHAT and the HOW…

You follow?
Have I lost you already (You can stil unsubsribe below If my thinking gives you too many headaches…)

Here’s how the power of the planning process works – Try it – It does work !

By defining specific measurable GOALS you “trick” your mind to evolve from a HOPING mindset to an EXPECTATION mindset.

By thinking your goals through and by putting a lot of time and thinking into it, you start visualizing what can really be and what can’t really be (“come on! stop kidding yourself…!”). Your expectations become more and more realistic and therefore more and more achievable.

By designing specific plans, milestones, contingency plans and by finding out the WHY that lies behind your goals, you can start motivating yourself to really not give up when “execution hits the fan” (if you catch my drift…).

You are tricking your mind (again) and you are starting to BELIEVE it can be done….you’re halfway there.

By designing a very detailed way HOW (that you start more and more believing in), by creating unique steps believable (by you) that build to your goal you are actually already taking action, which is 50% of making things happen…

Now, when you start executing your plan is when everything goes wrong of course because you cannot plan for the unknown and as my friend Bill Scheesserle puts it : “The plan collapses immediately with the first encounter with the ennemy…”

But that is not so important because you have built a positive response into your planning process and into your mind. Just by planning your Journey right from the start will make you overcome setbacks and unplanned failures (along with your WHY that will pick you up and try again).

So in the end, the process (onces again) is more powerful than the data itself.

Think things through and you will stat making more things happen more consistently more often.

It’s that simple.

You need to DREAM it, but unless you really PLAN it, then you won’t BELIEVE it and you won’t make it happen.

Execution will fail a good strategy any time it’s not planned right…

that is why you need both The WHAT (a good Strategy & a good Sales Leader) and the HOW (a good Plan & a good Front Line Sales Manager)

Make it a Great December Planning month!

PS : See you for a +25% Growth Execution Plan in 2014! (see HOW below…)


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