Better Customer Visits : 3 easy things to DOUBLE your sales


TOP Sales People do 3 things very differently than average performers BEFORE, DURING and AFTER each visit they make to a prospective customer.

BEFORE THE VISIT: first they make sure they do the RIGHT visit, by focusing on the RIGHT accounts. They make the decision of spending their precious TIME with the most promising prospects because they VALUE their time and sales EFFORTS. They constantly qualify the potential of their territory and they maximize the visits that can produce the best results for THEM in that territory: They PLAN for their success constantly and they re-evaluate their plan weekly based on what works and what does not work for THEM as a results of these visits. They “self-manage themselves to success“ constantly.

DURING THE VISIT: They do the visit RIGHT. They are better prepared for their sales call because they keep being aware of where their prospect stands in the sales process, which questions to ask to move the sale forward, which next step to engage the prospect in at the end of the call and which backup commitment to ask for when needed. Top sales people follow (consciously or not) a sales PROCESS (as opposed to the 50%+ “dinosaurs” sales people who still do not follow any process and prefer to wing it instead…), TOP sales people have a SYSTEM and they work their system with as little improvisation as possible because they want to repeat and SCALE what works instead of reinventing the wheel every time….

AFTER THE VISIT: They prevent good leads from LEAKING OUT of their sales funnel by reporting the visit RIGHT AWAY because they want to immediately TRIGGER FOLLOW-UP activities. While their mind is fresh with the new important information they’ve just captured, they put it to use as soon as possible. They CLOSE the call properly and they can then move on to a different client and repeat their process again and again, better and better…

The RESULTS of doing these 3 SIMPLE things differently are just ASTOUNDING : TOP sales performers produce – as an average across industries- at least TWICE AS CH as average performers do (they bring in about 200% more revenue to their companies than the other producers). They also BEAT their quota consistently and provide SECURITY to their sales managers’s forecast who can rely more on them while helping the rest of the herd to get closer to the A level.

DO THE MATHS (as a sales manager): without at least one A player (a HUNGRY LION, a TOP performer) in your sales team who is consistently beating quota, there is very little chance you can make successfully your OWN quota with a team of B Players (averaging 95% of quota) and C players (averaging 50% productivity their first year)….

That is why you need at least ONE HUNGRY LION on your team, ONE A Player bringing in 120% to 150% of quota in order for you to mitigate the RISKS coming from the underperformers:catlion

the risk of the D Players you need to get rid of asap because they DRAG YOUR TEAM DOWN
the risk of the new C players (to replace the Ds) whose productivity rarely jumps beyond 50% during their first year in their new job/company,
the risk that all of your B players combined will just about make 90% of their quota, in which case everybody -including you- ends up MISSING the year goal by 10%…

This may still be OK for some sales organizations in today’s times but is NOT OK for HIGH GROWTH businesses who thrive on TAKING MARKET SHARE instead of LOSING market share…

Some sales organizations mitigate the RISK inherent in collective quota achievement by having a “Sales Manager CUSHION” : the quota of the sales manager is 90% of the sum of all her/his reps’ quotas combined…This may look like a great idea at first, except that you do not want to have a year end meeting explaining to your sales force why their sales manager is a hero whereas everybody else missed their bonus…not so good for the team spirit and for building a motivating and HEALTHY sales culture for the year that follows…

The sales manager can only be a hero after everybody IN THE FIELD is a hero. That is what a true High Growth SALES MANAGEMENT CULTURE is all about : You’ve got to be ready to accept to have “lions” on your team who are BETTER THAN YOU because that is the only way they can make YOU the HERO.

Now, how you attract TOP Lions, how you develop more of them in your sales unit, how you retain them longer, is part of the “magic” of EXCELLENT LION TAMING performed by the sales manager- how she/he is “taming the Lions” -without micro-managing them- and how he /she can constantly GUIDE them and COACH them to improve what works for THEM, is what will make them stay longer and EARN him/her their respect as a recognized contributor to THEIR success.

TOP Lions are not easy to tame I’ll grant you that, but when “tamed” right, they acknowledge that they would never have JUMPED in a FLAMING HOOP if they had not been stretched to do it by…their LION TAMER.

TOP sales managers can achieve that level of TRUST and Performance even FASTER with a software like at their fingertips.

They can FEED all of their Lions constantly with the right REAL TIME DATA that shows them what’s working for them, what’s not working so well and eventually HOW TO SUCCEED!

Learn what a difference DATA DRIVEN COACHING can make to YOUR NUMBER

So, what did you feed your lions with today?

Did you feed them with some fresh and valuable information they can exploit and get tons of insights and renewed focus from inorder to give them the right energy every week, or do you keep on feeding them only ONCE A MONTH (you bet they get hungry for ANYTHING then…) with the same old stale and odorless and flavorless lagging indicators that explain to them WHY THEY ARE FAILING…?

Are you teaching them new tricks or are you reenforcing OLD useless behaviors because your CRM is still measuring the same ol’ stuff and your sales people have long learned how to “trick the CRM”…


Make it a productive start of the year for your Lions in 2014 : be the change you want to see in their behavior by using a genuine SRM (Sales Resource Management) like

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