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 7 lessons I learned on Social Selling 


Over the last 7 years, I have invested a lot of time and money taking my business online and I have learned a lot. For instance : do NOT believe anyone who tells you that social media is “FREE”, it is actually the most expensive step of your new sales process.


I have studied  many of the proclaimed “successful” Infomarketers, I have observed the traditional sales trainers trying to go online with their 20th century content,  I have watched  other so-called social media “gurus” pitch us on “how to get rich quick, click!” . I have even invested in some of their programs.  I  have learned tons thanks to all of them and I have learned now also how to distinguish the “good guys” (and ladies)  from the crowd of charlatans out there lurking for your credit card all over  the internet.

Some of the charlatans have been very successful still, and that’s because, as we are all rushing towards the GOLD, they are mainly selling us the picks, the shovels and the useless maps…

  • “My shovel will help you attract 200,000 members in your linkedin group!”  they say
  • or
  • “My pick will extract 500 Millions “likes” for you on Facebook!”  they say
  • and
  • “My map will guide you to the GOLD source of never ending leads!” they say

I’ve fallen into the traps myself. Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.35.34 AM

For the last 7 years, I was looking for “GOLD” in all the wrong places. Buying the right shovel from the wrong guy.  Choosing the wrong pick from the right lady. I even invested in the right map from the right expert –but at the wrong time! I wasn’t ready to navigate  it.

Today  I’m a lot “wiser…

Here are my 7 most important learnings about selling thanks to social media:

I have tried to make it fun and simple by comparing it with what the telephone revolution brought to sellers:


  1. Social Media is not a strategy, it’s just a tool (like the telephone) and it’s a new step to learn how to “dance” (sell)
  2. Social selling is not a revolution in selling, it’s just the first step of your new sales process. The social selling step is the most expensive step of your new sales process
  3. The Social selling step is the most complex step of all your sales process steps because it is an asynchronous step (you don’t dance together with your prospect in that step, you both dance “individually” if you catch my drift),
  4. The goal of the asynchronous Social selling step is to eventually generate (at some point in your overall sales process)  a synchronous step between you and your prospect–a phone call or a meeting. Therefore, you don’t need a social media strategy, you need to learn how to successfully complete this new sales process step and then you need to get the prospect to agree to make a synchronous step .
  5. You didn’t need a telephone strategy when the telephone was invented, you had to learn how to use this new tool (the telephone) in order to reach out to many more people you could never have dreamed of reaching,  and sell them a face-to-face meeting for the ones who qualified. You don’t need a social media strategy today, you have to learn how to use this new tool to reach out to many more people you could have never dreamed of (1 billion + smartphone users…) and sell them a synchronous conversation over the phone or in person for the ones who self qualified.
  6. It is not after many decades, when the telephone became a commodity used by everyone, that people were actually able to use the telephone to actually sell and “close deals” 100% on the telephone (mostly B2C & C2C though). Don’t expect the social selling step to close deals for you before a while especially if you are B2B, there are still some – maybe less than before but still some – synchronous steps that still need to happen before the close.
  7. The main goal of the telephone for B2B sales people has always been to sell an appointment. The main goal of your social  selling step is to sell a synchronous conversation with a prospect.

So, what did you feed your lions with today?

Did you feed them with some new tips and tricks about social media, or did you feed them with a process, with specific metrics for this process  and with a purpose for their social selling step?

Are you asking your sales people to come back to you with a “TELEPHONE” STRATEGY, or are you asking them to come back to you with a script, with ratios expectations  and with a testing strategy?

Are you helping them find real GOLD, or are you just giving them pocket money for shovels, picks and useless maps…Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.35.10 AM



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