7 FIGURE ENTREPRENEURS : Your QUEST for the “magical” comp plan is over

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.06.52 AMSales people : can’t live with them, can’t live without them…

Every time you hire the wrong one, you can waste months to figure it out before you painfully decide to pull the plug.
Every time you hire the right one and they decide to  leave you, it can take years to develop their replacement and help you grow again.
Every time this happens, most 7 Figure entrepreneurs I meet knock their heads against the wall AGAIN and design another new “magical” comp plan that is supposed to :
– discourage the wrong hires early and make you lose less money when they don’t perform (or so you think)
– retain the good hires longer and make them want to stay with you forever (or so you hope)

Well here’s the bad news :  The comp plan is a “lagging motivation indicator”. It is  NOT a leading indicator that can influence the right behavior from your sales people

The comp plan reflects the reward to you/your company and to the sales person AFTER the sales person does the right thing but IT DOES NOT SHOW HOW TO DO THE RIGHT THING TO BE SUCCESSFUL!!!
If doing the right thing to be successful in sales was so easy in today’s ever-changing buyers’ market,  you would not need a comp plan, you would not need a sales manager, you would not need metrics,  you could just hire everybody on a 100% commission basis and off you go…let’s sit down and watch your business grow by itself … like MAGIC !!!

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple , is it?

Well, here is the good news : you don’t need a magical comp plan because…
but only if you decide to use it…
Sales people succeed and fail because of their sales manager and not because of their comp plan.
How often and how well you interact with your “lions” on a weekly basis will trump a “good” comp plan every time.
You just need to learn the process of  improving your “Lion Taming” skills to perfection and earn your lions’ respect AND performance FOR LIFE!.
It’s simpler than you think and it starts with an easy step that you can take ==>  HERE
PS: By the way, did I mention that great lions have a tendency to follow their lion tamer forever?Lion head

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