How to remove sales people from your GROWTH ENGINE thanks to the right PROCESS

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 1.49.51 PMTHE  PROCESS TRUMPS PEOPLE EVERY TIME

Sales people : can’t live with them, can’t live without them

Every time you hire the wrong one, you can waste months to figure it out before you painfully decide to pull the plug.
Every time you hire the right one and they decide to  leave you, it can take years to develop their replacement to accelerate your sales again.
The good news is that there actually are  actually a few  key processes that can make your sales engine perform double digit growth sustainable over time, regardless of what your sales process is and  regardless of who joins the sales team and who leaves the sales team.
The most powerful sales management process of all is the joined sales call that your sales managers must make with their sales people on a weekly basis.
The same way that your reps’ results are directly proportional to the quality and to the quantity of the weekly interactions they have with their customers, your sales managers’ achievements depend directly on  the quantity and on the quality of the weekly interactions they have with their sales team.
It’s that simple !
You see, once you put the right process in place, the sales people can REALLY benefit from its value more independently of their strengths and weaknesses and you can grow your business more consistently over time.
the process will trump people every time…that’s the beauty of SCIENCE
However, this is not MAGIC : the right process will not make the wrong people  become RIGHT, but it will help your sales managers detect them sooner,   and it will help your sales managers get the “good ones” to become GREAT faster and double their sales production for everyone’s benefit!
…and STAY in your company A LOT  longer !

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