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Make it a GREAT CIRCUS in 2015 !

Dear lions, Lion tamers and Circus owners To all the “lions, lion tamers and circus directors” out there, I wish you all a happy, healthy ... Continue Reading →

Sales Teams Gone Wild

As I like to put it, I do not know of one sales person who gets up in the morning and says while looking at ... Continue Reading →

Selling Collaboratively in 2015

I just finished “The Collaborative Sale” form Keith Eades and Tim Sullivan. It made me want to re-read the New Solution Selling to see how ... Continue Reading →

SOCRATES COACHING TIPS for sales managers

  MAY 2014 NEWSLETTER   Telling is not selling and telling is not coaching either. In fact, it’s the exact opposite : the more you tell ... Continue Reading →


Latest souvenirs from recent Lion Taming Trainings with Continue Reading →

How to remove sales people from your GROWTH ENGINE thanks to the right PROCESS

THE  PROCESS TRUMPS PEOPLE EVERY TIME Sales people : can’t live with them, can’t live without them … Every time you hire the wrong one, ... Continue Reading →