My stay with President Obama

I arrived last night in Las Vegas where I go every 3-4 months or so with my Mastermind Group of BigMoneySpeaker James Malinchak . As I was getting closer to our  hotel, the Westin in Lake LAs Vegas, we got pulled over by the Police who wanted to “sweep” our car (whatever that means…). After they finally let us go we then arrived at the hotel and I had to go through Airport-like security again at the hotel entrance (as if I had not had enough for the day from Charlotte to Atlanta to Las Vegas). The hotel was full of security agents with guns on their side and weird hearing things getting out of their ears…(just like in the movies…). As I was wondering what this excitement was all about, I was told that President Obama was among us : he had picked that same exact  hotel for him and his 250 security agents (thats’ called the 5 mile circle that’s always moving around the President of the

United states) to go to as part of his campaign trip to Nevada and also  to prepare for his upcoming debate with Governor Romney tomorrow night…I must say that he could not have picked a better location to get some thinking going… I woke up this morning to see a rising sun on the lake among palm trees and desert landscape  and tonight I just saw for the first time in my life a moon actually rising above that same lake..beautiful thing…

Anyway all this excitement made me think of my progress over the last 8 months since I took on this coaching program with James who likes to say that your future income is the average of the 5 most powerful people  you hang around with…

I am definitely making progress getting closer to the higher circles…:-)

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