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Make it a GREAT CIRCUS in 2015 !

Dear lions, Lion tamers and Circus owners To all the “lions, lion tamers and circus directors” out there, I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful 2015! As change keeps accelerating in the field as buyers are more and more in control of the buying process, the role of the front line sales manager […]

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Latest souvenirs from recent Lion Taming Trainings with

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From B2C to C2C (3/5) : why stand up comedy and sales management have more in common than you think

The “how to become a stand up comedian in 8 weeks” workshop went great . I learned tons of stuff. I learned that in order to make people laugh you had first to be authentic and then you had to talk about simple facts  of your  life and tell them in a funny way. I […]

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From B2C to C2C (2/5) : from LB4G Consulting to the “sales productivity Chef”

How 3 choices become 4? Something happened that summer when I was still wondering how to go to market whether after businesses or after sales managers themselves. I wanted to take a toastmaster class that summer in order to sharpen my public speaking skills. I was anticipating  doing more and more trainings, workshops, seminars and […]

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The Secrets of High Achieving Managers (by Dilbert…)

1+1+1=2 best practices…. Happy SUNDAY 🙂   Now if you want your sales managers to outperform DILBERT’s management best practices, have them apply instead to  the upcoming Lion Tamers sales managers™  Bootcamp 100% ONLINE – Enrollment opens on AUG 16th HERE !!

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