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Successfully managing a B2B sales force is not an easy challenge to tackle, and there is not much support available out there. I have gathered various comments from different discussions I started, or participated in, on my favorite topic (helping sales managers do the right thing, so their reps do the thing right). I hope […]

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Online Sales Transformation Step 1 : Think Differently As A Sales Manager

As I am taking some of my trainings online -thanks to the Online rookie sales manager bootcamp for instance- (we’re halfway through now after 2 weeks by the way – very exciting !!!- and we had a great first “blitz call” last Friday- more to come…), I am studying more and more how to “sales […]

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From C2C to C2B (2/5) : the ORACLE “eye opener” Coaching Program

    2 years ago I was hired to coach a senior sales director of ORACLE in Europe – as you can hear from my accent (can you?…) I am also  from Europe but I have now lived for the last 4 years in the “land of opportunity” in Charlotte North Carolina. So I coached […]

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Givers vs Takers

I have not read the  book the “Go-Giver”  yet from Bob Burg and Jo David Mann  but I am loving it already. The business world is changing thanks to the Internet and the Givers have an edge now that they never had before. Givers are all about others, givers can’t exist without others because they […]

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Thinking better for better results

Webinar Recording with Ann Herrmann-Nehdi CEO of Herrmann Inetrnational How to help your sales organizations THINK better PART 1 10mns   PART  2 50mns How to make others think better thanks to the whole brain thinking approach

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