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Selling Collaboratively in 2015

I just finished “The Collaborative Sale” form Keith Eades and Tim Sullivan. It made me want to re-read the New Solution Selling to see how the main principles from Solution Selling evolved over the last 10 years in the eyes of the authorsIt was actually very interesting to read that 10 years ago (pre-recession), Solution […]

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It’s all Your Mother’s FAULT…(2/3)

I apologize for having done this Interview on a Saturday but Bill is quite a busy speaker/trainer and we decided that we would do a recording instead of a live webinar, (we were not going to invite people to attend on a week-end…) BUT you can access Bill’s unique content and brain just the same […]

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Forget B2B or B2C – Embrace the B2Linkedin business Model to get them OFF Linkedin

What is the intersection between the B2B model and the B2C model? It’s quite simple, it’s called linked in : the only place I know where you can reach companies through individuals first. The only database where you can be sure the data is accurate… The only database where you know the data is updated […]

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From B2B to B2C

From B2B to B2C When I first started my business almost 6 years ago now, I never thought that my target clients could be small businesses or even individual sales managers. I was targeting COMPANIES. Actually, I was hesitating between targeting the mid size market ($50M to $500M) or the fortune 500 companies where I […]

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Making 2013 your best year ever. Again. (PART 1)

PART 1 : Create your HIGH GROWTH SALES CULTURE 3 of my local  smaller business clients just ended their “best year ever” in 2012 and are now planning to beat it again in 2013. When asked to look in retrospect at what kind of changes  actually made such an impact that 2012 became their record […]

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