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50% Sales Jobs will disappear in the next 10 years

Recent studies predict that half of the current sales jobs will have disappeared in less than 10 years ! “Transactional” sales people will become “extinct” and will eventually be replaced by sales pages (how humiliating…). Cold callers will be replaced by “opt in” pages (how degrading…) and “hard closers” will be replaced by follow-up sequences […]

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From B2C to C2C (3/5) : why stand up comedy and sales management have more in common than you think

The “how to become a stand up comedian in 8 weeks” workshop went great . I learned tons of stuff. I learned that in order to make people laugh you had first to be authentic and then you had to talk about simple facts  of your  life and tell them in a funny way. I […]

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From B2C to C2C (2/5) : from LB4G Consulting to the “sales productivity Chef”

How 3 choices become 4? Something happened that summer when I was still wondering how to go to market whether after businesses or after sales managers themselves. I wanted to take a toastmaster class that summer in order to sharpen my public speaking skills. I was anticipating  doing more and more trainings, workshops, seminars and […]

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From B2C to C2C (1/5) : how 2 choices become 3

Now that I realized that my B2B business could shift towards a B2C business model, I had to seriously think about my branding : At one point in the life of a small business, when what you sell is pretty much your brain, everybody knows  (at least now I do…) that  there comes a time when […]

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From to

It took me 5 years to accept the idea that I should actually become the brand of my own business. When I started, I immediately did not want to be the main obstacle to my own growth. My idea from the beginning was to get me out of the business as much as possible as […]

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