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“The process of sales management in most firms is complicated, inadequate or completely broken. The numbers never lie. Philippe has a winning formula to move your process to success. Read it, put it into practice and begin winning again – by the formula”.Deborah Millhouse, CPC, CTS, CSP | President CEO Inc. Charlotte .

“Philippe, I think you have truly boiled down the best of the best sales management skills into an actionable strategy and formula. 1+1+1=4! should be a “Must-Read” for all sales managers and reps, as described in the book, this is a team effort…” Lawrence Didsbury , President/CEO Winchester Research

“The Winning Formula for Rising Sales Managers: 1+1+1= 4! is a refreshing examination of the challenge of sales management. ‘How to sell’ books are everywhere, but this uniquely focuses on the process of managing salespeople. It provides a practical look at a most effective production methodology and explains the ‘why’ behind its use. Anyone who wants to succeed through sales rep performance will benefit from this guide.” Brion Blais, Sales Manager and Franchise owner Charlotte, NC

“I enjoyed your “1+1+1=4!” method. it is an easy read!. I was particularly glad that you grasp (and promote) the huge bottom line difference that results from better top-line management. Turning one “C” player into an “A” player does more for the bottom line than many sales managers understand. Increasing productivity without increasing payroll is a target we should all be shooting for”. David Worrell – CFO AmeriStart

“ A must for those who want a powerful yet simple lever in sales management” Tim Oberstebrink CEO Optivend 

“1+1+1=4® offers a whole new perspective to new sales managers who are trying to find their way. This book clearly spells that out simply.”Denise Altman President AI Group, Charlotte

“Wow, someone who really gets it!. This is an excellent book for anyone who wants to boost their sales managers and/or sales force. You have mastered sales productivity and wrapped it up in a program that is in my mind a must for any Sales Manager”. Dawn Hankins, CharlottePresident, Equitable Marketing Solutions, Inc.

“Thank you for writing this book. 1+1+1=4!® is an effective formula that I think all sales managers and small business owners should read….Goals are to be achieved and this book tells you how to get the job done….I like that it’s didn’t take 350 pages to make it’s point. Time efficient too! It’s one of the few times I want to read a business book again so soon after I finished it…I will keep it in my library forever” Tony Shannon, Managing Partner, Charlotte Techsupport

“Philippe’s broad experience in sales productivity and his creativeness gives him great insight in how to lead others to think outside the box. Even though his “technique” is unconventional, it is logical and structured. He has developed a system that works if applied. This is not a keep talking until you get it right approach. It is measured, insightful and tailored to get results. His book is dynamic, and so are his sessions”. Ron Stewart CEO

“I like the way you blend your engineering background with the art of sales management. Your approach and formula make sense to me and click in my brain. Great BOOK!”Chris Lueck Sales Manager PRO-TINT, Charlotte