From B2C to C2C (2/5) : from LB4G Consulting to the “sales productivity Chef”

How 3 choices become 4?

Something happened that summer when I was still wondering how to go to market whether after businesses or after sales managers themselves. I wanted to take a toastmaster class that summer in order to sharpen my public speaking skills. I was anticipating  doing more and more trainings, workshops, seminars and keynotes on my 1+1+1=4!® methodology and even though I am a pretty decent public speaker – or so everyone tells me,  America as much as it is (still) the “land of opportunity”, is also the land of “unparalleled competition”…: most trainers/consultants/speakers are not “decent” speakers here : they are “Oscar winning” performers… The level of professionalism is so high in the US (in every field- no room for amateurism…), that I felt that I still needed to push myself a little farther.

I then heard that the International house of Charlotte was giving a workshop that summer which was called “how to become a stand up comedian in 8 weeks”…I immediately became attracted by this exciting challenge and signed up for it. I figured that If I could make people  laugh in another language than my mother tongue , I could then compete with all of the Tony Robbins of the world…

This went a little farther than I expected…


Next : From B2C to C2C (3/5) : Why  Stand up comedy & Sales Management have more in common than you think…

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