Make it a GREAT CIRCUS in 2015 !

toonDear lions, Lion tamers and Circus owners

To all the “lions, lion tamers and circus directors” out there, I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful 2015!

As change keeps accelerating in the field as buyers are more and more in control of the buying process, the role of the front line sales manager becomes more and more visible in helping reps find their own level of excellence in this new selling 2.0 world : ===> Front Line Sales Managers : show your reps in 2015 how to help clients buy for their reasons and for their own reasons only, not yours thanks to your new skills with buying facilitations® questions (see Sharon Drew Morgen’s discussions).

The role of the VP Sales becomes even more visible in helping front line sales managers understand the difference between FORCE and POWER thanks to effective coaching (see previous posts on the topic in the group discussions.
===>VP Sales : show your front line sales managers how to help reps become more successful in 2015 for their reasons and for their own reasons only, not yours -thanks to your improved coaching.

Finally, the role of the CEO becomes even more visible in establishing a continuous learning & development culture in their organizations that is based on 21st century motivation principles (coaching-based) , not 19th century ones that are “telling-carrot&stick based” (see Dan Pink’s clip on the Science of Motivation).
===> CEOS show your VP Sales in 2015 how they can build a self-sustainable growth culture in their organization that focuses on developing sales and sales people together, not developing one without the other.

All, have a great start in 2015, as always, your success will be decided in the next 90 days when change from new resolutions happen …or not.

…and let us make 2015 a FUN one too and start with a smile with the “Interview with a Lion” clip .

Lions, Lion Tamers and Circus Directors : this one’s for you.



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