The Lion Tamer Sales Manager™  SYSTEM was created primarily for rising Sales Managers. I’m speaking of first-line Sales Managers, such as district managers who manage a sales force selling directly to the end customer. These sales managers usually manage a team of five to ten sales people depending on their industry and territory, and depending on the complexity of what they’re selling. This SYSTEM is also meant for sales organizations that sell indirectly to the end customer. For instance, if you manage an organization of channel reps who sell through dealers, value-added resellers or distributors, the Lion Tamer Sales Manager™ SYSTEM will ALSO help channel reps because they somehow play a role similar to that of a sales manager; they do not manage their number directly, but they manage the people who must make the number. They face the same challenges that most district managers face: being responsible for their reps’ success. Last, but not least, the 1+1+1=4® METHODOLOGY was also developed for sales managers’ managers: whether you are an Area Manager, a VP of sales or a Channel Manager, you directly manage  sales managers. you might be doing partial sales management yourself. This SYSTEM will help you manage yourself and coach your sales managers to success better so that YOU WON’T have to CLEAN UP THE MESS IN THE CAGE EVER AGAIN ! 

Leading Sales People is one of the TOUGHEST JOBS on the Planet.

I actually like to compare it to the job of a LION TAMER…

Well, GUESS WHAT? Over the last 20 years I have worked exclusively with Front Line Sales Managers in many different industries and with tons of different sales methodologies, and I created



 When I was a Sales Productivity Manager at EMC  I understood what the TOP Sales Managers were doing and why  “the others” could not do it. For the last 5 years in my business I have reverse engineered the best and the worst practices of TOP (and worst…) sales managers  and I have developed a recipe for success . I call it THE LION TAMER SALES MANAGER™ SYSTEM based on the 1+1+1=4!® Methodology which shows how you can overachieve the sales forecast of your reps by at least +50%, once you know how to TRANSFORM them into LIONS and once you learn how to “tame” them the right way!…




Philippe has done an outstanding job creating a road map to becoming a winning sales manager, and to developing a winning sales organization. He shows you the clear path to success, and is one of the best sales development experts today. —Timothy C. Flanagan Jr., VP Sales Charlotte – General Agent Mass Mutual





Philippe hits one of the most critical areas affecting business today…sales management. Companies think they can promote a top seller into sales and exponentially grow revenue. Not true! This is a job change and Philippe does a fantastic job on zeroing in on the issues plaguing sales managers today. If you are in sales management, grab a copy of this book and take your game to the next level. —Lee B. Salz, President of Sales Architects, CEO of Business Expert Webinars, and author of the award winning widely-acclaimed book, “Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager”






I have been impressed by Philippe’s ability and efficiency to coach one of our key Sales executives over the phone.

—Michel Clement, Vice President Sales, ORACLE Central Europe

The 1+1+1=4!® methodology is a system that ALL SALES MANAGERS NEED!”

—Cillian o’Grady, Sales Effectiveness Director, ORACLE



 ASK YOURSELVES the following questions:

Do you want your Rookie Sales Managers to SURVIVE longer than 18 months (average tenure of newly appointed sales managers in Fortune 500 companies)?

Do you want to teach them faster how to earn YOUR TRUST (because their sales forecast will have no bad surprises and become a lot more predictable)?

Do you want to coach them better on how they can earn the RESPECT of their “lions” immediately, instead of becoming “firefighters” all the time ?

Do you want to continue stepping into the cage more and more as your Lion Tamer’s CREDIBILITY gets HURT, or would you rather focus on moving UP rather than getting down in the cage again to CLEAN UP THE MESS ?

If you want to free some time from your BUSY AGENDA before it’s too late, do your sales managers a favor and do yourself a service : Have them invest right away in this “easy to read ACTION GUIDE”! PLUS they will get ALSO 1 hour of coaching DIRECTLY FROM ME on the 1+1+1=4!® methodology applied to their unique situation so that they can become a LION TAMER SALES MANAGER™  faster.

Onboard your new sales managers NOW before they start making DANGEROUS MISTAKES in the cage… Remember, as a new Lion Tamer, they’ve only got one chance to make the right FIRST  IMPRESSION with their lions…



  Philippe Le Baron – Author