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A couple of weeks ago I sat down to watch on TV a base ball movie called MONEYBALL .

As a native European born in Africa, I don’t know much about Baseball and as a US resident now, I have attended enough games to know how to appreciate watching the crowd more than watching the game itself…

So I was not too excited about the movie MONEYBALL but my wife insisted that I watch it. She is not a big fan of baseball either (even though she is from Detroit – GO TIGERS!) but she kept telling me :

“You are going to love it! I read all about this movie, it’s all about science and statistics and processes, it’s boring like hell, its for geeks and math nerds, it’s for YOU!!! ”

🙁 … don’t you love it when your spouse tells you how much she loves you and knows you well…?)

Now, I got a little defensive and I certainly felt even less compelled to watch this boring baseball movie about a boring sport for “boring math geeks like me”…but I did watch it anyway (don’t tell my wife, but after she mentioned the word “processes”, I was REALLY EXCITED to watch it…shhhhhhh!)

(All of us married men out there, we all know better : my wife was (once again and I hate to admit it) RIGHT !)

This was a GREAT movie and this is why I loved it :
This movie explained better than anyone -including myself- what I have been helping businesses with, for the last 7 years and what I created my business on – not for baseball- but for sales management!

If someone believes out there that sales management is an ART, (you have it or you don’t have it), she/he probably also believes that BASEBALL is not a science either…well, she/he is wrong on both counts.

The movie shows perfectly how to follow a winning process, how to measure “sabermetrics” (the right metrics, not the outdated metrics that are misguiding everyone) and in the end, how to be more productive with a team of “misfit toys” than the New York Yankees who had a budget 3 times bigger!

For those of you who have not seen MONEYBALL (yet) I have attached a few clips from the original movie and from the trailers I could find on Youtube and which can also apply to leading and transforming a sales force better than any other comparison you could ever come up with, for your next sales kickoff:

Are you playing an UNFAIR game?
How do we go about measuring this?
Are you a short portly homely CEO?
Can you make analytics exciting?
Stop surrounding yourself with DINOSAURS on their way to extinction
Do you want to ROB Wall Street?
This is a process, it’s a process, it’s a process OK?
Are you paying attention to the RIGHT sabermetrics?

> inspiring clips for your upcoming sales kickoffs for 2014 !

Now the best part is at the end when Brad Pitt -who plays Billy Beane, the GM of the Oakland A’s- is offered $12.5 M to “general manage” the Boston Red Sox the following year, and he turns down the offer.

As all of us Americans know, the Boston Red Sox went on to win the world series 2 years later in 2004 using the “BaseBall Productivity Model” invented by Billy Beane’s assistant and Yale Economics nerd Jonah Hill (that’s me, the math/statistician geek…).

By applying this productivity model to their specific context, the Boston Red Sox finally broke 86 years later the “curse of the Bambino” not having won a significant title since 1918 because they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees in 1918 in order to finance a Brodway Musical- true story – I promise I’m not making this up (as Dave Barry would say…).

As you can see, I have made A LOT of progress on my Baseball history. I am becoming a baseball geek too and my wife now regrets having shown me the movie…

Now, in order for you to break the curse of the unproductive sales force that has been going on for as long as I can remember, feel free to make me $12.5M offers asap at the number below.


…and in any case make sure you always have “a Good Egg” you can call…

Philippe (call me Peter Brand…)

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