“Little hinges swing BIG doors”

Sales Managers are the KEY to Flawless execution of any Company strategy in the field. Whatever changes you are bringing to your sales organization, you need to get your sales managers on board with it FIRST.

 If they “buy in” your ideas, then you have a chance your strategy may translate into results at the   field level.

If they don’y buy in, then you are up for disappointments, frustrations and you can expect quite some delay before you start seeing the results you were initially anticipating…

You see, Sales is at the forefront of Change in any organization – look at it at the BIG door that can open your company  to huge amounts of new cash if you manage to open the door fast enough   during the window of opportunity of your new strategy.

Well, I believe that the sales managers are the little hinges who can make this big door swing open faster – or not, or stay shut…

Now Getting the sales managers to “buy in” your change initiative  is necessary but it is far from being enough…Once you earned the mindshare of your “Execution Chiefs”, you may notice that some of them are better and faster at executing the strategy with their teams than others…It is not only because they may “push it” more, but it is also because they follow a weekly routine  that focuses on execution acceleration (without being aware of it most of the time…). These Sales Managers (Usually the TOP earners…) embrace a more disciplined approach than others who may just  try to “wing it” ,. They  developed a weekly “hygiene” about driving their team to success consistently, and that same hygiene is also the blueprint for any  Change Program…I have seen it in happen time and time again in M&A situations, in new product launch situations, in new territories attack situations, in new go to market models implementation situations…:  getting the “hinges” to work for you rather than against you will do wonders for your strategy and getting the hinges to adopt “hinges best practices” will accelerate your results tremendously !

(More on  “hinges best practices”HERE )




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