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I recently was invited to attend  a sales training event. I very rarely accept these requests because I have given up on sales training companies about 6 years ago already when I was just starting my business.

One of the best US sales training firms I knew at the time had asked me to deliver some of their content  in France  in French. They were also so interested in my own content, my sales manager training program, and they actually hired me to fly to New York and train about 30 sales managers from one of their BIG clients.

The day went great except that at the end of my session the owner of this sales training company explained to me nicely and in a nurturing way, that I should speak a lot more when I was delivering my “stuff” because people were paying a lot of money for this training and they deserved a lot “more words”.  I basically understood that he judged me on the number of words per minute I could deliver (He actually was one of those High Energy / Enthusiastic / In your face  kind of sales trainer , you may have met one of them during your career…and a very good one too!  I had a lot of respect for him and I still do today, but he made me realize at that instant how little sales training companies know about training sales managers.

Because he also added that my session was a little too “quiet” , that the audience was not enough participative and that I should have told more stories and more jokes to get more “engagement” from the audience…

I definitely know how to entertain an audience when I do stand-up comedy, what I knew having worked exclusively with sales managers all my life and that he did not know was that you don’t engage sales managers like you engage a crowd you are trying to “entertain”.

The way I had survived 7 years of training day in and day out the toughest sales managers of EMC  in Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, France, England, Switzerland, etc…   teaching them “the american way of doing sales management” (try doing that only once and tell me after how many seconds your trainer will be kicked out of the room by your crowd of European lion tamers…), was by ENGAGING THEM EXTREMELY WELL FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END  and that during   2 to 3 DAYS in a row!!!

(I have yet to meet a sales trainer who can last longer than 1/2 day in a room full of sales managers…they usually eat him up pretty fast if he is only able to do the entertaining/funny/in your face type of training delivery…).

Now the way I engage my sales managers clients so well for so long and make them come back for more is because what I engage is …THEIR BRAIN.

which means that I usually don’t talk much during my sessions,

which means that I usually ask a lot of questions instead

which means that I make my audience  THINK A LOT

which means that I make them establish new connections in their brain when they experience an AHA MOMENT!

whic is why they are so ECSTATIC about my programs!!!

…even though we’re all pretty exhausted at the end of the day…from being “a little too quiet…”

Well I can tell you today officially that my quest is finally over …after having met many sales training old school type of companies that teaches the same old stuff the same old way in today’s NEW world…, I have finally found a real UNIQUE sales training company that preaches what I preach and teaches the way I teach – which is called SOCRATIC QUESTIONING by the way (they taught me that too…), and which has been in business for more than 30 years teaching the exact opposite of what everyone taught, and now teaching exactly what everyone is trying to teach (It’s about buying , it’s not about selling…)

and with the same results (I’ll show you some of their testimonials…exactly what my own clients like to say…because when you experience an AHA moment you can really go “over the edge”  with the testimonials…)

This business development training company is called …

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Next : Why you should blame YOUR MOTHER  for not having closed that critical deal last week…




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