Why (good) Sales People Resist TRUE CHANGE (Forget Threats/Incentives)

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How do you MAKE someone else THINK?

 I just did it to you…
 Are you getting this ? (I am doing it again…)
 Do you understand why questions are so important? (I keep doing it…)
 You make someone else think by … asking a what ?… (am I driving you crazy ?…:-)
 You are getting this…I am sure by now, you make someone else think by asking them (good) QUESTIONS !
A BAD question for a sales rep is …” Are you sure that you are going to be able to close that deal ?” (it sure makes her/him  think  a little but not much…, and drives a great USELESS answer YES !…which leaves you no further than you were before the discussion and with everyone frustrated…and the rep thinking….maybe I should look for a job before it’s too late…
Now, why is making others think that important? (sorry, I can’t help it…)
Let  me suggest this (I’ll give you a break this time…:-)
If you agree that our behaviors are driven by our thoughts, then when you want to influence someone else’s behavior, what do you need to influence first ?
YOU got it : you need to influence  their thoughts !
Now if you want your sales people to ACT different, you can try the shortcut THREAT :
Do this or ELSE !!!
or the other “magical”  shortcut MONEY:  Do that and you will become RICH !!!,
which are both VERY  weak weapons of motivations which – for some reason – most people think work better with sales people ??? (for one thing, REAL lions are not afraid of anything as a start…so the more you are able to scare them, the more you obviously have a hiring problem… and money is a quick fix not a  long term self-sustainable behavioral change, except that you encourage them to ask for more money every time they think they can get it….
When you are faced with overcoming TRUE Behavior Change or even “Transformation”, there is a much better way than FEAR and INCENTIVE, it’s called COACHING & Development…and there’s no shortcut for that.
Great Sales leaders ask GREAT questions because they know that self sustainable behavior change  happens only   after  sales people begin to think differently, about their sales forecast, about their behavior, about their pipeline…
What do you think?

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