Souvenirs (and learnings) from New York, Chicago, Istanbul, Dubai…


It’s been a crazy month again that took me to different places on both sides of the Atlantic. I am beginning to travel more and more in the US and I am liking it. After going to Phoenix and Las Vegas at the end of May to work ON my business  (mostly on my marketing with the 2 coaches I hired this year -one for the online marketing and one for the speaking business), I started 2 new BIG clients whose business recently took me to the east coast in the US and then to the middle east.

I always learn a lot from these trips : every time I come back with new ideas to improve my methodology and my delivery to sales managers. Every time that I am faced with “converting” a lion tamer to 1+1+1=4!®, whether individually when I coach one on one or collectively when I deliver a training, I push some hot buttons and I always get new responses that help me assess what works and what needs improvement. I have learned that there is a delicate balance between achieving success (THEY LOVED IT AND WANT TO IMPLEMENT EVERYTHING TOMORROW) or missing out (no change will happen significantly because they missed the AHAs or they were too much stretched out of their comfort zone). When I do my job well, people resist it at first (no one likes change) before they start “seeing the light”, the key is to have them resist a little (they are “getting” it) but not too much (they are fighting it (because they think they already do it)…and worse, they missed “the change opportunity”).

The New York and Chicago trips were a confirmation of what I already knew after having “remotely coached” dozens of sales managers anywhere on the planet thanks to the Internet :  1+1+1=4!® is an easy methodology to coach one on one and when you are lucky enough to do it face to face, you can get “deeper” a little faster and both of my sales managers in New York and in Chicago seemed to have “clicked” quite fast. I will now be able to  help them accelerate the proactive implementation of the 1+1+1=4!® habits faster with their teams in their weekly routine.

After the success I had again in Dubai with 15 VP Sales and then again 15 front line sales managers during 2 separate sessions and with the same usual content, I am now convinced that I need to adapt  my 1+1+1=4!® material also to a keynote format when delivering to a larger crowd than a dozen or so people, or when I have less than 2 FULL days to have them go through my full content (transformation takes some time and grasping the whole depth of the content of the 4 modules require to attend  the full 4 modules…) .

My speaking coach confirmed that to me after I debriefed with him  : the worst thing you can do when dealing with a large crowd is to “overteach” : packing way too much content in way too less time for them to receive it properly… I am therefore now developing a Keynote format that I will test in South Africa where I am going next for this client.

In the meantime, get ready for the next “Lion Tamer summer online bootcamp” that kicks off on August 16th (more  details to come soon) : I will only accept 15 bootcampers : it’s a transformation AGAIN that we will do this time over a period of 4 weeks (one week per module), it’s not a keynote…


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