Making 2013 your best year ever. Again. (PART 1)


3 of my local  smaller business clients just ended their “best year ever” in 2012 and are now planning to beat it again in 2013. When asked to look in retrospect at what kind of changes  actually made such an impact that 2012 became their record year, the same answer came back from all of them : “We shifted our company culture towards more of a sales culture. You helped us get visibility on what REALLY mattered at the sales manager level, at the sales reps level and also at the business owner level”…

I call that kind of  sales culture a HIGH GROWTH sales culture. Most F500 companies host a culture based on goal achievement, on carefully prepared “drill downs”, on consistent business inspections  and last but not least on actual empowerment of each sales person based on the real belief that good sales people should make more money than their boss (that’s OK Really!)

Small businesses can rarely create that kind of culture by themselves and they struggle with the traditional hire/fire issues when it comes to sales people, or with the unwritten rule that sales people are overpaid and lazy, or with the never ending “quest” for the magical A top sales player who – when they finally find him one day -eventually leaves  because recognition  is hard to get when the culture that prevails around you is basically that “sales people are a necessary evil and -deep down- I still believe that they are also overpaid and lazy…”

The sales manager and/or the business owner are key to help adopt this new culture which is why I focus on them to “get it” first before we roll out the other key to success that they absolutely need  to build right  : The Mirror through which we will ask the reps to look into on a consistent basis  to measure their progress and take corrective action early if needed.

The right sales culture coming from the top with the right measurement system combined with the right skills to  influence the behaviors of your lions will do wonders for your sales growth.

Next : Part 2 : Build your sales productivity management system

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