From B2B to B2C

From B2B to B2C

When I first started my business almost 6 years ago now, I never thought that my target clients could be small businesses or even individual sales managers. I was targeting COMPANIES.
Actually, I was hesitating between targeting the mid size market ($50M to $500M) or the fortune 500 companies where I was coming from. I was looking at my business definitely as a B2B business aiming at companies with plenty of sales managers, positioning my message with a ROI, a TCO and even a ROSM (Return On Sales Management) value proposition. I was cold calling, doing direct marketing, email blasts and I was pretending that I was a big business myself and not a one man shop. I was hiding behind a “WE” : at LB4G ” WE” help sales managers do the right thing so your reps do the thing right, “we” can train or coach thanks to “OUR” 1+1+1=4!® methodology, etc..etc…
My “old” website (  reflects some of my B2B past…(I need to change that fast  by the way to become more consistent with my  upcoming brand…get ready fro
After moving to Charlotte, NC from Geneva Switzerland, I soon realized that the so called “big” companies which I was initially aiming for would take a long time to crack for “us”… : For one thing I had to rebuild my network from scratch as I did not know anyone here and even though my French accent was getting me some attention, I soon got faster traction with smaller businesses which had most of the same issues than my traditional Fortune 500 district managers were having.
I then realized that their problems -while similar in nature- (in a nutshell : “how to get my  sales reps to produce more…”) were slightly different in the sense that they were much more “personalized” and much more tied to the company itself (often to the business owner himself who was the sales manager) and that their decision cycle was a lot faster : It became clear to me that I was no longer selling to a business, trying to find out who the decision maker really was (the VP Sales or the VP HR or the sales manager herself…) but directly to my “coachee” who often was the “Jack of all trades” business owner and who was looking more and more  to me like  a “consumer” of my services.
My business suddenly started  looking like a B2C business…and “we” had to adapt to it…
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