Forget B2B or B2C – Embrace the B2Linkedin business Model to get them OFF Linkedin

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What is the intersection between the B2B model and the B2C model?

It’s quite simple, it’s called linked in : the only place I know where you can reach companies through individuals first.
The only database where you can be sure the data is accurate…
The only database where you know the data is updated regularly (because, whether you are a VP Sales or you are a student, YOU create your profile and you update your own data yourself, and you do it pretty well in case you are looking for a job…).
The only place where you can reach someone directly to try to initiate a relationship
The only place where you as a person can communiacte with someone else as a person to attempt to talk about business.

If you are not on Linkedin yet – get started quickly it’s the Facebook of business, a database created for professionals and used by professionals.

Now, Linkedin is just the tip of the iceberg of doing business with the internet, the step 1 of your new sales process (The cold calling part…).

Next we will talk about step 2 : getting people OFF Linkedin

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