It’s all Your Mother’s FAULT…(2/3)

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I apologize for having done this Interview on a Saturday but Bill is quite a busy speaker/trainer and we decided that we would do a recording instead of a live webinar, (we were not going to invite people to attend on a week-end…) BUT you can access Bill’s unique content and brain just the same !

Listen to Bill Scheessele’s (President of MBDI) interview today and learn in less than 30 minutes :

– how to become a HUMAN Engineer by focusing on behavioral psychology

-what a “participant centered instructor-led training” brings to participants that’s different from traditional training

– Why Socratic questioning is key to coaching, to intervening  and to self-sustainable behavior changes

– why the best training sessions teach how to think – NOT  what to do

– why “why people buy” is more important than “how to sell” (especially today…)


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