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logo-Lb4g-embossIt took me 5 years to accept the idea that I should actually become the brand of my own business.

When I started, I immediately did not want to be the main obstacle to my own growth. My idea from the beginning was to get me out of the business as much as possible as fast as possible and be able to “clone myself” as much as possible. I called my company LB4G consulting, “Le Baron 4 Growth” was the original meaning, and “Le Baron 4 Girls” was the hidden symbol (I have 3 daughters…I wanted everyone to be part of the family business…)

I thought I would  eventually create a franchise and train people on my methodology and on how to deliver my trainings to sales managers. I did not want to hire much (still don’t) even though I did not really like the idea of having people to “manage” such as franchisees (they are just like another bunch of lions to tame), I could not see any other way to scale.

Creating CDs and DVDs and books was not really appealing to me either, at least not to scale, because I could not see myself engaging my audience the same way by only “pushing” my content to them, plus I was not going to ship products all over the world (which was and still is my goal – I’m in this to change the world not just a couple of sales managers…).

Until I realized I could sell my services online and I realized I could deliver my services online too!

Then I started seriously thinking about

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is the authority on sales force productivity and sales management effectiveness. He's a sought-after corporate trainer to small businesses and global corporations like ORACLE, NCR and EMC. He's an accomplished entrepreneur. Philippe's focus is to get your new reps as productive as possible as fast as possible. His clients benefit from his revolutionary online programs developed under the

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